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Damas Jewellery Dubai


Damas Jewellery is arguably the biggest jewellery brand of Dubai. The growing brand is present today in multiple countries of the Gulf region and it has opened its very first store in the United Kingdom recently. Damas Jewellery houses the biggest number of brands in Dubai and has many stores all around the city. It is not an easy task to be the biggest in Dubai, where everything is about jewellery. Yet Damas could bring its brand to success and keep it here due to its high quality standards and extremely colourful, diverse collections. Besides quality gold and diamond jewellery, Damas also deals with several international brands of high quality watches.

Damas Jewellery although is a huge brand it is still held as a family company. Damas is also the oldest jewellery brands of Dubai as it was founded back in 1907. Its founder Mohammed Tawfique Abdullah and his family came to Dubai from Syria where Mr. Abdullah had previously mastered jewellery making and retail business. The family had set up its first store in 1955 under the name Al Abdullah Jewellery Traders and he was a real pioneer of jewellery trading back in those times. Mr. Abdullah and his three sons have led Damas brand to success where they still keep it to this date. Damas Jewellery operates more than three hundred stores all over the Middle East and its last store opened in the United Kingdom. There are plans for the huge brand to open its next store in Germany over the year.

Damas due to its extra large variety of collection has developed quite a unique business strategy. They offer their jewellery in three different lines of stores depending on the price of the collections. The luxury collections are sold in the stores of Damas Les Exclusives that you can find in many of the elite shopping malls and shopping places of Dubai. The Damas Semi-exclusives offer a wide variety of mid-priced quality collections and the Damas 22K stores are specifically for those who can’t afford luxury quality yet have the will and need to buy quality jewellery for the lower price range.

Damas has two main groups of brands under its name the one includes the own brands of Damas like the Farasha the Farfasha, the Hayati, the Mantourah and ten other collections. The newest range of Damas collection includes their beautiful diamond collection the Solitaire. The international collection of Damas offer fist class quality brands such as Roberto Coin or Marco Bicego. Some of the unique looking collections of jewellery in Dubai come from Damas Jewellery. The luxury and high quality watch brands of Damas offer about twenty different brands. Also, on the top of its collections Damas offers exclusive limited collections for special occasions such as the Ramadan or the most famous Indian festival the “ Festival of Light” These collections are extremely beautiful and absolutely worth seeing.

You can find the stores of Damas everywhere in Dubai, from the most elegant places to the hub of Dubai jewellery trading, the great Dubai souk. Damas jewellery is a fantastic brand and a great success story, which is more than worth looking for. Mydamas is the online store of Damas Jewellery.

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