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Dubai jewelry shopping is the easiest in the world. In order for you to find jewelry stores in Dubai, you do not even need to make any special efforts. Yet if you want to explore the best places in Dubai for jewelry shopping, then you should never miss visiting the Gold Souk. Gold Souk is a magical place that you should not miss to visit even if you are not interested in Dubai jewelry shopping.

The old-time seat and villa of the Al Maktoum Royal family is just facing Deira in the opposite lying Bur Dubai district both of which today are held as the Madinat of Old Dubai city part. Deira houses the one and only traditional souk district of Dubai. Here you can find textile souk, perfume or spice souk, a great fish souk and last but not least the worldwide famous Gold Souk of Dubai. Gold Souk houses more than three hundred jewelry stores and it is the hub of Dubai jewelry shopping and gold trading. The Gold Souk of Dubai is the biggest in the world, there is no jewelry brand that you would not be able to find here, no matter what you are looking for. Within the Gold Souk, everything is about gold, diamonds and gemstones and there is no jewellery brand, which would not be present over here. Jewelry shopping is more than easy over here and if you would like to see the centre of Dubai jewelry and it is also quite easy to get here. There are several buses with their final station nearby the Dubai Gold Souk, but there is also a Metro stop nearby so you can come here many ways. Of course, when you are out to do some shopping, you should not miss the other souks of the great souk district either. Every of Deira’s souks have their great and unique goods and atmosphere you can only find in an Arabic country.

You will see families with soon-to-be brides over here ordering their future wedding jewelry collections, soon-to–be husbands out on a tour with family to get the engagement or wedding rings they are to hand over during the engagement or wedding ceremony, lots of tourists of course and a great cultural mix what means Dubai’s actual residents today. Dubai jewelry shopping is a much-favoured activity over here and you do not want to be left out of this tradition either. Dubai jewelry shopping at the Gold Souk is also great because you can get the best prices for jewels over here and it is the most likely place where you can try haggling as well.

If you come to Dubai, do not ever miss the sight and beauty of the Gold Souk of Deira, the centre of Dubai jewelry shopping. Once you are here, it will be very hard to resist the temptation to buy something great for you, so do not resist it and get some great items of Dubai jewelry, while you are out on one of your shopping and sightseeing tours in Dubai.

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