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Joyalukkas Jewellery Dubai


Joy Alukkas Jewellery is among the most prominent jewellery brands of Dubai, the Gulf States and of its homeland India. The jewellery brand has opened its first and still main showroom in Dubai’s Gold Souk. Ever since the opening of their first showroom, the brand has been expanding and has just celebrated the opening of its newest store in the Dubai Global Village, which is a wonderful place, a sort of international Disneyland in Dubai, the Joy Alukkas brand is as famous as ever and the brand’s new slogan is “the World’s most popular brand”.

Joy Alukkas, which had started out by Joy Alukkas, an Indian skilled jewellery maker and businessperson is indeed among the top popular brands of Dubai. The great jewellery brand has introduced a real quality customer service with the highest quality collections in the Emirates and it has become widely popular because of being the very first jewellery that has adapted the diverse Bridal Jewellery section in its jewellery stores from India to Dubai. The company still works as a family company and has been stating ever since to be an absolute customer centered, down-to-earth brand. Besides providing Dubai with their unique collections Joy Alukkas was the first jewellery brand to gain the ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 14001:2004 certificated, also it was the first jewellery store to be awarded multiple times to be the Retailer of the Year and gained the Dubai Quality Awards certification as well. The latest Dubai quality award is the “Superbrand UAE’s Choice” quality award, which the brand just gained form 2012. The company is very famous for all its great charity activities with which they help especially the Indian communities.

Joyalukkas has opened the first diamond mine museum in its birthplace Chennai in India and just recently, they were celebrating the opening of their largest showroom ever that has opened in Riyadh Saudi Arabia in 2011. The newest business concept of Joy Alukkas is its Money Exchange business out of which there are three currently in Dubai and others in India. The company plans to increase this number to a hundred within a year. Joy Alukkas deals with all sorts of the highest quality jewellery. Its categories include gold, diamond, pearl, precious gem and platinum. It’s collections include 12 brands for its gold jewellery segment, 11 brand collections from international brands, it’s pearl jewellery is exclusively shipped from Japan from the Japanese pearl brand Masaaki. Joyalukkas also deals with men’s collections through its men’s jewellery brand the Magnus. The precious gemstone collection of Joy Alukkas comes from the brand Ratna.

Apart from its exclusive collections, Joy Alukkas has temporary and other sorts of discounts especially for its members and for the members of its Gold Club. Joy Alukkas has altogether nine stores now in Dubai. Two of these are located in the Gold Souk with the third one being right on the opposite side, in Bur Dubai. Other stores can be found in every big city of the United Arab Emirates. If you are in Dubai or in the Middle East, do not miss the chance to visit one of their stores, because it is a real journey to visit Joy Alukkas Jewellery.

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