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Dubai, which has been termed as the shopping capital of the Middle East, has earned that reputation due to the presence of the biggest and best shopping centers in the world. Dubai is known as a shopper’s paradise and it is not an empty boast – it really is. Many tourists from all over the world come here exclusively for shopping. They are lured by the numerous offers, discounts, as well as by the annual Dubai Shopping Festival.

You will find that there are a number of ultra-modern shopping centers in Dubai and you will be surprised by the magnificence of these shopping centers. Apart from shops all these shopping malls have entertainment zones, food courts, and restaurants. Have a bird’s eye view of some of the Dubai shopping malls:

• Deira City Center: It is a popular shopping, entertainment, and leisure complex with over 1.2 million sq ft of retail selling space. It has over 300 shops and space for parking 6,000 cars. The shopping center featuring lots of Dubai jewellers and international brands.
• Wafi City Mall: This is said to be one of the most elegant shopping centers in Dubai which has a unique shape. There are more than 200 shops selling international brands.
• Al Ghurair City: It has 300,000 sq ft of retail space which accommodates 250 shops, 350 apartments, and offices.
• Lamcy Plaza: The Lamcy Plaza has an area of 400,000 sq ft of space which contains 150 retail outlets, a hypermarket, and a cinema.
• Al Mulla Plaza: This is the oldest shopping mall in Dubai. It has recently undergone a massive renovation and modernization program.
• Burjman Center: This is also one of the major shopping malls in Dubai which boasts of 300,000 sq ft of retail space which houses 190 stores, restaurants, a food court, and eateries.
• Mercato Mall: This is a themed mall with a unique shape and design which boasts of the Renaissance style of architecture spanning the Italian, French, and Spanish styles.

Make Dubai shopping a habit and enjoy your shopping every time you come to Dubai!

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